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New Arrivals

S.P. Optical Dispensing Laboratory is pleased to offer Oxy-View™ eyewear to let people see the real you. These attractive frames hold your prescription lenses while also delivering much-needed oxygen that is hardly noticeable.
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Oxygen Therapy without the Nasal Cannula
Wearing a nasal cannula is no fun because of tubes crossing your face and over your ears. With Oxy-View eyeglasses, you can deliver up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute more comfortably.

They work with all types of oxygen delivery systems, including liquid oxygen, gas cylinders, concentrators, and most oxygen conservation devices.

A Simple Idea That Works Beautifully
1. Oxygen flows from your source, just as it would to a traditional nasal cannula.

The oxygen tube divides into 2, then connects to Oxy-View frames at each temple piece.

3. Oxy-View eyeglass frames are hollow, carrying up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute.

4. Tiny, individual nasal prongs extend from the bridge of the Oxy-View frame, providing you with oxygen in
    a manner that is hardly noticeable to others.

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